My IT journey began a long time ago. I’ve always been fascinated with how things work. Although I went to school for other skills, I’ve always worked with technology. In the past, I’ve sold computers and technology while in college, developed websites for different groups, and used front-end development (Javascript, CSS, HTML) and back-end development (Node JS, PHP, ASP).

On a daily basis, I continue to learn and orient myself with the newest technology to ensure I have the knowledge to help make decisions about technology.

To check out more about me, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Our specialties

advanced web design

+Content Management Systems (CMS) including Wordpress
+ Javascript
+ AngularJS and Angular
+ Node JS and Express

infrastructure management

+ Domain Registration
+ Server Maintenance
+ Site Optimization
+ Site SEO
+ Wireless Network Planning
+ Wireless Network Deployment

application development and programming

+ Javascript
+ Angular
+ AngularJS
+ Node JS and Express
+ Ionic Framework
+ SQL (MS and MySQL)
+ Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
+ Amazon AWS Services
+ Google Firebase

miscellaneous services

+ Wiring and Cabling
+ Telephony and VOIP
+ Network Devices
+ Point of Sale (POS)
+ Health and Medical Software and Hardware
+ Consumer Electronics
+ End-User Training
+ Hardware Service
+ Operating Systems
+ Software Support
+ Studio Music Technology


Below are some of the recent projects we’ve been working on

Latest projects

Check out our projects, from web and mobile app design to API and front-end development

Kelly Chiropractic Website
LOC Website
THIRSTY Homebrew Website
Production Data App

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